A portrait session with Tickle Wiggle Clicks is the perfect way to preserve life's fleeting moments as unique works of art. Please contact us to discuss the ideal setting, styling, and inspiration for your family.

The Maternity Portraits :

Maternity sessions can be of just you or you can choose to have your husband join you. Likewise, you can choose to have the sessions done in our studio under professionally controlled lighting conditions and backdrops, in the privacy of your own home, or even on location in the setting of your choice. It's entirely up to you. This is your moment, and we will gladly accommodate personal requests! 



Newborn Photoshoot (0-30 days old) :

The newborn stage passes by so quickly, we aim to record these first moments so that you’re able to treasure them for years. (Ideally, it’s best to photograph newborns before 2 weeks of age when they are typically more sleepy and flexible.) If you are expecting, it’s never too early to reserve your newborn session! 

Milestone Photoshoot (1 - 12 months) :

Babies go through some of their biggest milestones within their first year. In their first year, babies learn how to hold their head up and smile around their third month, give or take. Once they learn to do so, there is no better time to capture some of the most adorable photographs of your child, as they can pose and smile with various props and outfits. We focus on everything baby, from sleeping to exploring, eating to bath time, we’ll even come document baby’s first haircut! We can showcase any milestone during this session or simply show off the beautiful, everyday moments of your child’s life.

Messy n Mesmerizing ( 6 & 12 months) :

We are always exploring creative avenues of capturing the memorable moments of your lil ones. On the lines of the well known Cake smash, but now with a variety. Whats your favourite food to smash?

Celebrate their 6th & 12th month. Unique expressions captured at their candid best in creative setting.

Special Events : 

For special events like birthdays, baby shower, naming ceremony, rice ceremony we are available for on-site photography sessions during the event. 

Terms & Conditions :

1) Photographer reserves the right to post the pictures on website and social media. Client can use the images for their personal purposes except commercial use.

2) Props are arranged according to the packages & discussed prior to the booking confirmation. 

3) 50% Non refundable Advance payment required for booking confirmation. Balance payment to be done on the day of the shoot. (Advance payment is required within 48 hours from the day shoot date is agreed upon with the photographer. Date will be blocked only after the advance is made). 

4) Additional images & Artistic Edit is available at extra charges. 


5) Delivery of the images will be done in 14 days unless agreed upon differently.

6) For at home servicesTransportation charges will be additional & discussed prior booking confirmation.